Who We Are

TEAM plc is building a new wealth, asset management and complementary financial services group.

With a focus on the UK, Crown Dependencies and International Finance Centres, the strategy is to build local businesses of scale around TEAM plc’s core skill of providing investment management services. Growth will be achieved via targeted and opportunistic acquisitions, through team and individual hires, through collaboration with suitable partners, and organic growth and expansion. Our target market is considerable, has grown significantly and consistently over the past decades, and is experiencing structural challenges that present opportunities to TEAM plc business model:
  • Many of which have founder-owners looking to realise the value of their life’s work from building their business and at the same time are seeking to do so through a suitable partner/acquirer who will continue with the provision of an excellent service to their long-standing clients and give continuity for their staff.
  • The costs of providing a compliant and technologically up-to-date service to clients is ever increasing, challenging the viability, future profitability and thus earnings for shareholders and senior staff within smaller operations;
  • The polarisation of the asset management industry, as large players strive to improve profit margins through cost measures from their absolute scale, leaving space for boutiques to thrive in specialist asset classes and non-mainstream client requirements;
  • The absolute growth of personal wealth, and the increased personal accountability for individuals’ financial futures; and
  • The generational transfer of wealth through inheritance, which is challenging the existing incumbents business models and share of market.
TEAM plc plc has been formed to increase shareholder value, by creating a differentiated business of scale through the opportunities presented by the current market dynamics. As a new business, material growth is achievable through opportunistic and nimble investments in suitable businesses, while the medium and longer-term growth expectations from the wider wealth and asset management market will provide sustained revenue growth for the Group.